Savage Tide in the South

Session #2

In which our heroes are trapped by the the power hungry Vanthus, and barely escape thier doom with their life.

After leaving the vault, Lavinia is distraught, but not so distraught that she didn’t think to ask who was in her vault last. Perhaps on some level she knew the answer, but she still was shocked to hear that her brother, Vanthus, missing to her for more than a month was in the vault no more than a week ago. She asked you leave, and returned home, but not before hiring you all to perform odd jobs for her. Lavinia seems to enjoy employing groups of diverse characters to aid her. And she needs the extra hands, as she has too much work for her current employees, the Jade Ravens.

The party gathered the next day to get their next assignment. Not surprisingly Lavinia wanted them to look into her brothers betrayal. Against all logic, she still believed he might be reachable. And so the party began to search Sasserine for Lavinia’s wayward brother. It took you the better part of the day before you stumbled across a shipwright who had seen Vanthus with a known smuggler named Penkus. This revelation led you to a man named , who offered to take you to Vanthus. He claimed that he was hiding out on Parrot Isle, a rocky island inside Sasserine’s harbor. What is more, he was willing to take you there for a small fee.

After some negotiation, and a quick sailboat ride you were at Parrot Isle. A steep path too you atop the rocky promontory, and there show you a hatch leading down into some smuggler tunnels. set off, and you all climed to the bottom of the shaft. No sooner had you let go of the rope when it same snaking down, cut from its secure hook near the entrance. Then a shadow blocked out the few shafts of light remaining. Peering down at you was a silent . And then he too began to fall and behind him stood his killer, Vanthus.

’s body crumpled into the soil at your feet, a knife in his kidneys. Vantus, at the top of the shaft began to taunt you, warning you “Enjoy your stay with Penkus. He can tell you what happens to those who get in my way. You should have stayed away from my sister. She is mine, and mine alone.” Then he slammed the hatch shut, and you could hear something heavy being rolled over it, sealing you in.

After adjusting to this unfortunate turn of events, you decided to explore the old caves. Maybe there would be a way out in the tunnels. Tentatively, you began to explore the caves, Ak’sad listening at every door. Until you came across a pile of corpses that rose unsteadily at your approach. The four former smuggles were almost your undoing, but eventually you prevailed, and beat a hasty retreat back to the first room. There you holed up for the night, your sleep occasionally broken by the sounds of something trying to open the barred door to your room.

The next morning you forged out again. It seemed that your fights yesterday had stirred up a whole group of corpses. They now wandered the hallways looking for flesh to consume. Thankfully this allowed you to pick them off, one by one. Slowly you began to whittle away at their numbers. Just as you thought you may have the infestation under control, disaster struck.

Through the dorrs at the end of the hall came a powerful undead beast controlling two of the ravenous corpses you had been fighting for two days. As they advanced, the leader began to cast a spell. He fixated on Lorraine, and she was stricken with an unnatural terror. Your most adept fighter fled under the magical assault and all seemed lost.

In the front line

With the discovery of Penkus’ note, and the smuggler’s cache, all that remained was to find an exit. Phiprion, being born under the waves, was able to find a route through some flooded caves. He soon returned, moved the bolder trapping you in the cave, and you all emerged in the bright light, battered and diseased. But feeling lucky that you all were still alive. And as you stood in the bright summer sun, your thoughts turned to Vanthus, and how best to enact some measure of justice from the craven.



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