Savage Tide in the South

Session #1

In which our heros meet and help a young noblewoman defend her family honor.

It was not completely co-incidence that threw you all onto the same ship. Each of you knew your way around on the seas. And truthfully each of you were a little short on cash. So when you heard about an opportunity to sign on with captain Smithson’s crew, it seemed like a good option for a sailor down on their luck. So not complete coincidence.

And perhaps it was not coincidence that the ship was struck on its way back into port. The shipping lanes you were plying have become dangerous of late. Tales of deep sea beasts sinking vessels so they may pluck its treasures at their leisure were on the rise. In fact the captain did not seem too surprised when the cry went out. He merely turned to the crew and asked for “Somebody hold them off.”

No matter how much fate was involved, the fact remains that you stood forward, and took on the invaders when no one else would. in the face of overwhelming odds, you stood forth, and held off the beasts long enough for the captain to summon help. And what fell beasts they were. Horrible mantas with teeth that could gnaw through wood, all led by a giant, slug-like, many tentacled beast that was later identified as Kopru. Spells flew from Vaar and Lollilar’s fingertips, and the brave souls Lorraine and Lear hung off the side of the ship in an effort to repel the invaders. Then, when all seemed lost, and the Kopru was poised to fell Phiprion, a green man also defending the ship, the captain re-emerged, and summoned a beast composed of water.

And that is what led Lavinia Vanderboren to notice you. So later that week she invited you all to her mansion. There she asked for your aid and shared her tale of woe. Lavinia recently became an orphan. Her parents, renown explorers, were caught aboard a ship when it burned to the waterline. While he parents were well respected in the community, they were less than savvy financially, and they left Lavinia with mounting debts and no immediate access to funds. Lavinia too, was certainly not up to the challenge of managing a mercantile explorers company, and she had turned to captain Smithson for help.

Foremost in Lavinia’s mind was the recovery of her hijacked ship, ‘The Blue Nixie’. She last saw it at pier 5 in the harbor when she pair the docking fees in arrears. But when she tried to reclaim her ship she was rebuffed. Laviaina rightly suspected it was now in the hands of a smuggler Sollar Vark. Your newly formed company set off to liberate the lady’s ship, and to find Lavinia’s father’s signet ring. With the ring Lavinia might be able to access the family vault.

But it was not to be that easy. Yes, Sollar Vark was using the ship to smuggle contraband. As it turns out he was smuggling dangerous beasts. With some struggle, the company managed to climb the ships anchor chain, and defeat the smuggles, but in the process a giant arthropod escaped below decks and nearly killed Lorraine in the process. In the ensuing chaos Sollar Vark escape (exhibiting miraculous swimming prowess in the process.) But now you had Lavinia’s ship, the signet ring, and a mysterious clue, that would soon prove vital to helping Lavinia get back on her feet.

Returning to Lavinia, ring in hand, she asked you return tomorrow to accompany her to the family vault. The clerk took some time to verify the signet ring, and more importantly Lavinia’s heritage. But eventually he let you and Lavinia pass into the vault room. Ther, in the first antechamber a fearsome metal snake arose to defend the family treasures. It looked impossible to defeat until Lollilar asked Lavinia to stand forth and present her signet ring as credential. This quited the beast, and after a brief search Lear was able to find a secret door giving egress deeper into the vault.

In the final room of the vault. After much collaboration, and studied teamwork, you hazarded a guess at the solution. You intuition served you well (GOOD JOB ON THIS BTW) and you unlocked the vault on the first try. But there still were surprises in store, for Lavinia’s vault was nearly stripped of all it treasures. All that remained was one chest, and a strange journal written in a foreign tongue. With that revalation, Lavinia began to sob great gasps despair that echoed around her now empty family vault.



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